Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Oh My !!!!

It's been awhile since I wrote in my blog. Oh my, how time flies !!!! So as I reflect on the last year, it brings me JOY and gratefulness to know that as I am the creator of my life, this movie (called my life) is unfolding exactly as it should. Oh yes, there are still challenges, obstacles, delays and the emotional roller coaster ride from time to time - but only when I surrender and go with the flow, I realize how life is so perfect. I am surrounded by a circle of fabulous friends & family, abundance, great health and energy, work in holistic therapies which is my passion and I appreciate all the beauty, wonder and magic around me. I celebrated my 60th birthday in July in California with some wonderful friends. Our spiritual journey to Mount Shasta was a 5th dimension experience - it was all about singing, laughing, joy and love, love, love ! So, am I blessed? YES I AM ! ..... and I look forward to creating the next chapter of my life, called "Infinite Possibilities and Magical Bliss in 2014" IN 2014, I VOW TO: * LISTEN TO THE PASSION OF MY SOUL, SET THE WINGS OF MY SPIRIT FREE AND LET NOT A SINGLE SONG GO UNSUNG * IMAGINE THE MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY POSITIVE POSSIBILITY FOR MY LIFE. I CLAIM IT AND CONSIDER IT DONE !! * FILL MY HEART WITH PEACE AND SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD * LOVINGLY TAKE TIME TO CARE FOR MY MIND, BODY AND SOUL * DREAM BIG AND BELIEVE THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE * LIVE WITHOUT PRETENDING, LOVE WITHOUT DEPENDING, LISTEN WITHOUT DEFENDING, SPEAK WITHOUT OFFENDING * GIVE WITHOUT REASON, CARE BEYOND HOPE, LOVE WITHOUT LIMIT; REACH, STRETCH AND DREAM, IN SPITE OF MY FEARS * LIVE AUTHENTICALLY, ATTUNED TO THE MIND OF GOD THAT BROADCASTS THROUGH ME AS ORIGINALITY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, KINDNESS, HARMONY AND WHOLENESS * ALWAYS BE IN GRATITUDE FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS, MAGIC AND PEOPLE IN MY LIFE ♥ "Make me strong in spirit, courageous in action, gentle of heart. Let me act in wisdom, conquer my fears and doubt, discover my own hidden gifts, meet others with compassion, BE a source of healing energies and face each day with hope and joy".