Sunday, February 9, 2014


IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE !!!!! True love, the love vibration begins with the love that we have for ourselves. Are you nurturing your physical, emotional and spiritual needs? Can you look in the mirror and say “I love myself exactly as I am”. When we love ourselves and accept ourselves with all our imperfections ~ then we can truly love another ~ whether it is family members, friends, co-workers or a romantic partner. So the month of February, your homework is to nurture and pamper yourself. You are No. 1. Take the time to do things that you love to do. In your quiet time, put your hands on your heart and say loving affirmations to yourself. When you are with people, smile ~ laugh ~ hug. Surround yourself with beauty ~ the beauty of nature is everywhere. Surround yourself with happy, positive people. Skip, jump, dance, sing. Play with your pets. Play with your children. Declare to the world – “I am happy to be alive and I love myself and my life exactly as it is”. “I am grateful for all my blessings”. The more you can stay in this high vibration of love and gratefulness – the more you will start seeing the changes in your life that you desire. Sound too simple? Try it !!!! On Valentines Day, celebrate the light of God that burns brightly withiyour heart and allow this light, this love, and this kindness to shine upon a world that is much in need.